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The Family Estate, who wants to preserve their wealth for generations to come.

Financial Legacy Planning

Did you know that estates can experience many eroding factors including Federal Estate Tax, Federal income tax, state income tax, probate costs, administration fees, state death tax and often liquidity costs incurred to pay for these!

If you are considering leaving a financial legacy to your family or charities, we can help you through the Legacy Planning Process. We help evaluate your net worth today and project it forward; then determine which assets are best left to each beneficiary to minimize taxes and maximize benefit.  We integrate our investment strategies and insurance solutions to enhance your estate.  Whether you are trying to pass down a business, leave a real estate empire or want to leave financial assets, we will help you plan smart.

We Help Plan For:

Multi Generational Planning

Charitable Planning

Estate & Death Tax Planning

Estate Liquidity Needs

Exiting 1031 Exchanges

Life Insurance & Life Insurance Trusts

Life Insurance Premium Financing

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