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The Real Estate Professional, who wants an advisor who understands their unique industry.

Planning for Real Estate Professionals

We specialize in working with real estate Developers, Investors and Brokers.

Alex is the Team Lead for The Real Estate Resource Team, a specialized planning team at Pacific Capital Resource Group, Inc. comprised of experienced financial advisors who focus on solving the financial needs of real estate professionals. They understand the unique challenges that they face from volatile income, heavy impact of taxation, and self-employment structure. Whether you are a commercial broker, residential realtor or real estate developer, we can cater to your financial planning needs.

Our mission is to engage real estate professionals & investors in a different type of conversation about creating financial strategies that benefit their unique situations.

Cash Flow Optimization

Saving can be cumbersome when income is inconsistent. Cash flow strategies will improve
your control over your money to enhance liquidity and build wealth efficiently.

Tax Reduction Strategies

Proactive strategies that will reduce the impact of taxation on your wealth
and help high-income earners save efficiently.

Retirement Planning

Build a plan towards financial independence so you can enjoy the most out of your wealth.

Legacy Planning

Leave the most out of your estate to your family and charities, while reducing estate
taxation & providing liquidity to pay for potential estate taxes.

Risk Management

Your income is your most valuable asset. Protect yourself and those depending
on you with disability, life & long-term care insurance.

Investment Management

Investment strategies customized to your needs and goals with a
fundamental, research-based, results-driven approach.

Build a Plan

As a successful, busy, business-owner, we can build a financial plan with
financial strategies that allow you to enjoy the most out of your hard-earned money.

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